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Elven RacesEdit

The main elven-type races are elves, fae, half-elves and innri.

Elves have a culture similar to that of humans, although sometimes far lonelier. They connected to nature in a way that is almost indistinguishable, taking life and energy from plants and giving back in a symbiotic relationship. They have a very long lifespan, ranging anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 years. Their skin tones and hair colour ranges anywhere in the colour spectrum. Common colouring includes black, white, silvered, or autumnal colours for hair, and skin ranging anywhere from a pearly white to near-black.

They live in forests oftentimes to be close to nature, and make their homes within trees, tunnels and anywhere in nature, so long as they do not harm anything in it. Their creed and way of life is simple: "Give back to the earth."

They have very little religion, choosing an atheistic practice of life.

Half-elves are hybrids, born from human and elf, and sometimes dwarf and elf. Most who live with a full-blooded elf parent do not like to acknowledge their human side and try to hide it by means of magic. They are close to nature like their full-blooded counterparts, and silent killers and brave adventurers. Their lifespans are in constant flux, and it seems to be different with every person as to how long they live. Their skin tones and hair colour range anywhere, but are limited in an extent because of their human or dwarf genetics.

They live mostly in forests, but have the option to leave home whenever they wish. They usually follow elven creed, and most end up honoring their human side by exploring the lands beyond. Some stay in the human parts of life and never return to their homelands, and some go back home full of tales and glory.

They choose gods accordingly, but most choose atheism.

Fae are a special type of elven-by-nature creatures. They are essentially shapeshifters, cunning and quick-witted. They do like to foil with humans, elves and almost anyone who is gullible to their sadistic charm. It is said that they are evil creatures, but it is not so. Most fae are simply lonely for companionship, to which they reach out and take it for themselves. They are semi-sexual creatures, deviants of a nature, and their lifespan is unfortunately unknown. They come in any colour, size or shape, depending on mood and where you meet them.

They mostly live in the world of Faerun, which is on a completely different plane from Areth. Time passes very slowly there, and it could be ten years but feel like a day if you ever venture into the endearing calling of the fae.

They have ancestor and innri worship, and practice it often in a patriarchial way.

Innri are creatures of near-pure magic. They seem to have an endless supply of power, and they are what shape the realm of Faerun by fueling endless energy. Not too much is known about them, other than the face that they shape faewild cities in which the fae themselves live in. They are not humanoid at all, but share the same elven-type magic as fae, elves and half-elves.

Humans, huamnoids and othersEdit

Humans have been around for almost as long as elves and fae, but most see them as children shucked of their power. They are a hardy race, oftentimes gathering in large cities and fending for themselves outside of civilization. They are first and foremost adventueres by nature, and warriors. They come in all shapes and sizes and their lifespan is semi-short in comparison to other races. They may live to be 120 to 150 at the most, but thats it. Colouring ranges for hair and skin are light peach to dark nut-brown, and hair colours can be blonde, black, brown or red.

They have many different gods that all groups worship, all with differing sacred texts and ideals.

Dwarves are