Our System Edit

We use a base of d20, bordering on basic LARPing and the gain of experience through social interactions. Battling uses the same system, although its not a huge implement of this system. A good use of words is definitely encouraged, as well as knowledge of general fantasy roleplaying criteria.

The World of Areth Edit

The world of Areth contains the only and current continent (at the moment), the Albatross Region. The Albatross Region contains 38 cities, including the main city in all of the games we play, Wynsom. There are three main rivers in the region: the Drell, the Morgaine, and the Alba River, which leads to the Lake of Albatross.

The region is made up of mostly hills and forest-like plains. The Mountains of Sheraton and a few mountain villages lay in the north, and the main cities lie to the south. The feywild and elven forests lie near to Wynsom in the east, and tiefling and dwarf civilization lies to the west. Many different races and half-breeds live all over the world, especially in Caloria City, the City of War.

The insignia for the continent is a waterfall within a starlike symbol, adorned with elven runes. The currency is gold, silver and bronze pieces, from largest to smallest in value.

Customs, Rituals and Religons Edit

Women hoping to become blessed by the gods can consecrate a dagger with water at an altar on either solstice.

Anyone wishing to divine their fate can interpret thrown runes at midnight when a birth constellation is in the sky.

Paladins hoping to call on the power of the elements should offer deep devotion at an altar at sunrise.